Day 3+4 on the Nile: Aswan

Unfinished obelisk, Aswan, EgyptOn Sunday we started early because we had a tight scedule: we rushed through an Aswan Quarry where an unfinished (because broken while being cut) obelisk is still lying.

Then we went on a quick boat ride to an island where a temple of Isis has been replaced to because its previous island was set underwater after the first Aswan dam was built.
And then we went to the new High Dam of Aswan. Honestly this was not really worth a visit. We got of, looked at the Nasser lake and the dam and left again.
For Monday you could book an extra trip to Abu Simbel. Surely there is another really exciting temple but another 4 hours ride by bus per way for about 90€ and getting up at 2.30 a.m. was nothing that attracted us. So we stayed on the ship and went for a short walk in Aswan later this morning. Continue reading