Where I’ve been: Sydney harbour, Australia, 2007

A ferry in Sydney HarbourSo this is already part seven? Time is just running, I guess. And while still having a cold, I feel that much better today, I might even go out for some food shopping… But first of all here is a part on Sydney again, this time on the harbour area and  ferries, one of the best things in Sydney as part of my 10-Days-Special on Australia. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Great Ocean Road, Australia, 2007

On the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, AustraliaNumber six of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is concerned with the Great Ocean Road. As Melbourne I have been there twice in 2007, once with the sports club and once with my Dad. I send you today’s post from my sofa as I’m at home with a nasty cold but you could say thinking about great landscape makes me feel better immediately. I tried to keep it short this time but there are just too many good pictures I wanted to show you. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Cairns and surrounding, Australia, 1999

View from the QuicksilverPart 5 of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is more of a step back in time. As you can see, it’s been ages since I was in Cairns but I just wanted to include some 13 year old pictures: I went to Cairns in 1999 as part of a school exchange group. 40 Highschool students aged 15 to 17 went to Australia for six weeks in their summer holidays to live four weeks in a guest family and to do a trip from Brisbane up to Cairns and back. In return the Australians had been to Germany already in their summer holiday, so in December 1998 and January of 1999. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia, 2007

Royal Botanic Garden, SydneyPart 4 of my 10-Days-Special on Australia is concerned with Sydney again: One thing you shouldn’t miss in Sydney is a stroll around the Royal Botanic Garden and the Domain, a park that borders with the Royal Botanic Garden. This area is conveniently located east of the CBD and ends infront of the opera and borders Wooloomooloo harbour’s western side. Continue reading

Where I’ve been, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia, 2007

Part 3 of the 10-Days-Special on Australia will be on another part of Sydney: The Rocks. I’ve been there many times and took several people sightseeing when they came and visited. If you only have a few days in Sydney you should spend at least half a day at The Rocks, preferably on the weekend. You could either spend half of the day shopping in the CBD, walking through the Botanic Garden or taking a guided tour in the opera. Or you head to the other side, to Darling Harbour and the explore that part. But maybe you just start with the Rocks and see what the day brings. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Kakadu National Park, Australia, 2007

Rain forest in the Northern TerritoryPart 2 of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is  Kakadu National Park near Darwin. When I was in Australia, my mum came to visit and we decided to go on an adventure. So instead of seeing tropical beaches or the like, we decide to conquer the outback and the Northern Territory: we did a seven day tour with Adventure Tours, a rather backerpacker style Australian tour provider, and 10-16 other people, mostly backpackers but for a part of the trip also a French nurse who didn’t speak a word of English (very brave, I think) or a Swiss family with two kids. After flying to Alice Springs, taking a two days tour to Ayers Rock or Uluru, as it is called by the Aborigines, then going the 1500km to Darwin by Minibus with a group of 10 people, we stoped over in Darwin before our tour went on to Kakadu National Park. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Melbourne, Australia, 2007

Skyline of MelbourneThe other day I got asked on advice on what to do and see in Australia. I decided to take that up and do a 10-Days-Special on Australia. And as I already did one post on Sydney, Part 1 starts with Melbourne.

I’ve been to Melbourne twice in 2007. First time I went in May 2007 with a tour from my university’s sports club. I went back in November 2007 with my dad and I saw a bit more. Both times we mostly took walks through the city and along the Yarra river enjoying the atmosphere and the view which is really good especially from the Northern side. Continue reading