Today’s May Photo Challenge topic is “Books”. I have the perfect motif just not the best photo quality as it was taken with my mobile camera.

Nationalbibliothek-WienPrunksaal der österreichischen Nationalbibliothek, the State Hall of the National Library in Vienna. I really wonder what these books are all about…


Now today’s May Photo  Challenge topic “Leaves” is easy to master. Or rather too easy so that I can’t decide which one to take. I’m just showing you my favourites:Treetop-walk-great-ocean-road

This is in Australia, on the Great Ocean Road in a Tree Top Walk Place. My dad took that lovely picture and it now covers the freestanding back wall of our stove.Park-SintraAnd this is in the palace gardens in Sintra, Portugal.

Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums 2013

I’ve been living in Dusseldorf since 2008 but never made it to the Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums. I didn’t even go to many museums here at all. So yesterday I decided to finally join the fun. I wanted to see as much as possible. We went with a group and had laid out a big plan on what to see in which order but obviously we did get so see everything and got seperated along the way too. It was still good fun and I’m now motivated to go and see more museums in Dusseldorf in the future.

K21-Duesseldorf-Staendehaus Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Hamburg, 2011

I’ve been in Hamburg several times but not as often as you might think with several friends and my brother living there. But before I go there again in early June to celebrate Eva’s birthday I would like to give you a short overview of what there is to see in Hamburg.

Hamburg-an-der-AlsterStart with the City Center or rather the shopping district that streches from the main station down to one of Hamburgs many places with water, the Alster. Continue reading

Bridge Run Dusseldorf

I usually complain when I have spend another sunday on the couch especially when the weather is good. This and a bit of group pressure made me join the group from my gym who joined Dusseldorf’s bridge run yesterday. It was only 5km, crossing the Rhine twice but I hardly ever go jogging. Preparing for the runWe all got a t-shirt from our gym, Mrs. Sporty, being a women’s only gym it was of course pink. But hey, first of all that clashed perfectly with the free towel we got which was orange and meant we never lost sight of each other. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Day trips and outings from Geneva

When visiting my Dad in Geneva we did some outings on the weekends so I got to see a bit of the nearby France and Switzerland. So if you’ve visited Geneva’s city center and took a stroll along the lake and are now looking for something else to do, here are options for your trip. To give you a feeling of what you can do I tried to sort the different options by season: Continue reading