Happy 2nd Blog birthday

It’s been two years today that I opened up this blog. and again this year the blog evolved. I didn’t do much travelling so the knitting took over and then I couldn’t stop and had to throw in a bit of nailpolish too. Then I designed a replicate of the cowl Katniss is wearing in the second Hunger Games movie. When I did this in summer and blogged about it, nobody seemed to care much but after the movie came out people started showing up making the visitor numbers soar and I was super surprised about this. happy-second-blog-birthdayNow overall in 2013 I have:

  • written 172 posts. That’s on average one every second day and 50% more than last year!
  • had 30.000 visits on my page this year. That is ten times the amount of views I had last year and I owe that mainly to the cowl tutorial
  • got quite a few likes (more than I’d like to count and I have no idea where to check how many likes I have here on wordpress) and about 400 comment
  • made 74 new followers. Ok, that’s not really a lot but hey, non of them is a friend from real life so I’m super proud that you signed up to be informed about my newest posts and are following what I’m writing. A special thanks goes to Rachel from allnighknits who with her blog post inspired me to test my knitting and designing skills and made me knit the Katniss cowl, Glenda from nittinninja for lots of nice comments and to Mona from The manifest who is a real cool nailpolish blogger and has really made my day because she came here to look at my nail polish pictures and ended up reading a travel post and commenting, helping me to understand something that had made me feel unconfortable. How cool is that! Thanks guys and keep on reading!
  • made another series this time on New Zealand.
  • taken part in several other blog world community things:
    • Of course I try to join the Yarn Along each week about 45 out of 52 weeks this year. A special thanks goes to Ginny at Small Things. I’m sure that because of the yarn along and knowing that I can show my progress every week, I have been far more productive then I might have been otherwise.
    • I joined the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week this year
    • Then the May Photo Challenge came up. I think I posted about 7 pictures and than my enthusiasm faded.
    • But after stumbling about it in several nail blogs I decided to face the challenge and prepare posts for the 31 Days Nail Challenge. It took me about two month and ever since then I’m really addicted to nail polish, well even more than before at least
    • Other than that I got a Liebster Award for my blog for which I feel very honored.

 My plans for next year are:

  • I want to entertain the people who read my blog! As long as there is someone out there interested in reading the stuff that I’m doing, I’m happy.
  • I want to do what I planned for 2013: add some more substance on the Gardening part. The thing is, next year I’ll actually have something to tell, so be aware, there’ll be some awesome (keep your fingers crossed) gardening stuff here.
  • I will also be facing another challenge. And this is facing my ever growing supply of nail polishes and painting my nails at least once in every colour that I own and that is not a topcoat. The rules are this: it is ok to paint each finger in a different colour. This counts as using. Just dotting a nails with little colour dots doesn’t. This means checking the amount of nailpolishes I have at the moment, about 70 colours that have to be used. But hey, I do my nails at least twice a week to be honest so this should be no problem. And of course I want to blog about it.
  • And other than that I just try to have fun with this blog and hope you enjoy it too.

And now I can only say: Thank you for joining me in my second year as a blogger and keep on reading! Have a great New Year’s Eve and see you in 2014!

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