Merry christmas everybody

Today is wednesday, the usual Yarn Along Day. But it is also Christmas so I guess, not much update on knitting. Everything was finished in time for Christmas, fits and was greatly appreciated and I’m enjoying a little knitting free time before I can finally start something for myself again. A little reading update: I finally finished Pride & Prejudice on my iPad mainly because I spend 4 hours on Monday the 23rd sitting in a plane on the runway of London City Airport waiting for the storm to cease.

imageWe made it to Frankfurt thanks to the most wonderful captain of the flight BA 8734 who refused to loose faith in better weather. And instead of giving up and canceling the flight as most others did, his wish was to get us all where we were supposed to be for Christmas. I think all 79 passengers on board are still very grateful for this. And I already finished reading my first Christmas present book (we Germans get our present on Christmas eve already…) which my brother picked so well: Ein Tag in Barcelona by Daniel Brühl, a reminder for me to visit Barcelona again soon!

This leaves me nothing else to say than Merry Christmas to all of you. Have a lovely time, enjoy, relax and spend time with friends and family even if they are getting on your nerves sometimes!

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