Last weekend before christmas

As Michael’s family lives in London he spends Christmas there and as Christmas is so conveniently located in the week I took a plane on Friday. Michael and his mother had taken one flight earlier but when I booked I wasn’t sure if I could take half the day off and went in the evening.

imageSince then we’ve been having loads of family time. Michael’s nieces have kept us busy during the day and in the evening we have been feasting on lovely stuff. Anja, Michael’s SIL, has recently opened a business for food and cookery tours in London, London for cooks, and has been feeding us with tasty and luxurious food.


And because when ever I’m in London I need at least one afternoon in the city this afternoon we went to see some Christmas lighting. We started at Covent Garden where they had a beautifully lit Christmas tree.


And as Michael always hears the shopping spirits calling when we are in London we headed towards Oxford Street from there. On the way there we passed famous Regent Street with an interesting lighting as well.


After our usual shopping spree at Clarks (the shoes are just so much cheaper than in Germany!) we simply walked along Oxford Street a little longer, passing the beautifully lit Selfridges Department Store and getting on the tube near Hyde Park. Maybe one day I’m actually going to enter Hyde Park too…


A short but nice trip it was. And Michael treated me with an early Christmas present. Don’t those red shoes look lovely? And tomorrow I’m off to Franfurt to get home to my parents.

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