Christmas ornament mani

I wanted to do something christmassy on my nails this year. I had stumbled over a similar design a while back and thought it was so nice. So I checked my nailpolishes, pulled out my thin brush and started I painted my nails with two layers of essie in the colour limo-scene. Next I turned them into a green French manicure. To get a strong green I mixed my A England in Dragon with The more the merrier from essie. Then a thin line in Beyond cozy from essie and red dots with my new P2 in 996 before sunrise. This is the newpolish from P2 that has been going around in the German blogosphere quite a bit in the last of with Good to go from essie this mani already lasts for 1.5 days which is really good. I’m looking forward to making some more Christmas manis this December. Are you into Season manicures as well?

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