Time to prepare for christmas

Over the last weeks the season’s feeling has slowly come into our appartment. As I spend last year mainly with a cold knitting on the sofa and not doing much, this year I decided I would do more and I already started.Christmas_cookiesFirst I made a list of all the christmas cookies I wanted to make. Christmas cookies is the baking activity for German christmas time. I would never bake cookies otherwise but for christmas I jump head first into the masses of recipes. Actually the list is so long, I guess, I won’t make all of these but I want to have a decent collection. This is why I started two weeks ago and made some rosmary-lemon cookies which are really delicious and not so sweet. And I made kind of Nordish style rolled oats cookies with a pinch of nutmeg for flavour. Both are delicous.CalissonsNext I made Calissons. I have never made them before. They seem to be a specialty from France. And easy to make, at least the way my recipe went: you just take dried apricots, grounded almonds, some honey and some icing sugar, put them all in the food processor and ground them until quite fine. Then you knead the mixture until it has the sticky consistency of marzipan and then you roll out that stuff and place it on a wafer. It was suppossed to be cut in shape with a cookie cutter and doing that for the first ones I made was a pain because that stuff is sticky plus the wafer does not cut that easily. But having eaten them all already for the second load I made, I just cut them in little triangles by hand. This is then finished of by a coat of icing sugar mixed with egg white and put into the warm oven to dry. So yummy!VanillekipferlThe next ones I started on sunday. I left the dough in the fridge over night and finished them yesterday night: Vanillekipferl. Mainly butter, sugar, ground almonds and some flour, they are flavoured with vanilla and rolled in vanilla flavoured icing sugar after baking. Those ones are an absolute christmas classic and they are purely Michael’s. I don’t like them much but he has already eaten more then 1/4 of the ones I made.Advent_wreathAs for decoration I’m not that deep into it yet. I decorated the Advent wreath but that’s all. But now that our cleaning lady was here yesterday I could start and decorate a little, I guess. But to be honest, nearly half of my supply in baubbles is already on the wreath. Let’s see what I get out of the rest.Advent_calenderLast but not least this year’s Advent Calender was not for Michael but for our friend Martha who got it on the weekend for her birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the filled bags, but it looked really nice: 24 goodies of all sorts (only five from, the rest from the other girls) in a wooden vegetable tray packaged in cool bags. I wish I would get something like this once…

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