Bling nails

Im usually not the one to add more then polish to my nails (ok, maybe some glitter every now and then). But some month ago I bought this metal stickers from Misslyn. I had tried them on my toes but wasn’t too happy about it because they were quite big for my quite small toe nails. On the weekend I finally tried them on my nails.Bling-nails-1I had painted the nails in this gorgeous holo polish in dark purple from A England, Sleeping Palace, and then thought: why not add the studs. It looked quite cool. To smoothen it a bit I added a very thick layer of top coat but it didn’t help much.Bling-nails-2Well I like the smooth feeling of polished nails. This doesn’t exist with studs. Plus they fell off after about two days. So this is a one night show off manicure but nothing more I guess (and a look you could recreate by dotting your nails with a silver metallic polish too…).

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