Yarn along – Week 43 – Check, Check, Triple Check

As I planned last week, I got everything finished that I wanted to finish in October to stick to my Christmas Knit Planning:

The second Phoebe Sweater is finished and only needs blocking and buttons which I will take care of once we are back from our holidays. I even knitted the first rows of number three which will be a dark pink. This means that the red cardigan is finished on time: Check!Claras-and-Antonias-sweaterNext on my list was finishing the October part of my brother’s christmas sweater: sleeve No. 2. This leaves me the front to finish. I am about half way through but with the colour work, this really goes slowly. But I’m positive about finishing it by end of November to get it in the mail and send it to my brother so he gets it for his birthday on 3rd of December. So, Christmas Sweater Sleeve finished: Check!
Christmas-sweaterThen there were the green simple socks. I didn’t have a particular plan for them but I went to a birthday party on the other side of town last friday and took the second sock with me to knit on the tram ride there and suddenly it was finished. I already wore them all weekend. I could really only wear knitted socks all winter long. And with these simple and quite thin socks I actually can. Which means socks are finished: Check!simple-green-socksAnd because everything went to well and I had found this cool fluffy multicoloured yarn I started making mitts. As no pattern I found really was what I was looking for I took the things I liked best about every design and mixed my own pattern together so to speak. You can probably not see it right but it starts with seed stitch, then stockinette, then a k3p1 pattern, that moves to the left to create purl diagonal running up the hand part, finished of by some rows of garter stitch, embellished by a little strap on the wrist. One mitt is finished, the second one might be finished before we leave for Turkey because they knit up super quick.MittsTo finish off this list for Ginny’s Yarn Along, I’m still reading “Des Mauren letzter Seufzer” by Salman Rushdie and got my amazon delivery for the holidays where I hope to be able to read quite a lot (Knitting is my personal no-go on a holiday with my boyfriend so I will have lots of time, I guess): Book No. 3 of the Harry Hole crime stories by Jo Nesbo, The fifth Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Dance With Dragons and the second Hunger Games book. By the way, I watched the first Hunger Games movie on the weekend. It was pretty good, I thought. Usually I don’t like the movie when I liked the book first. But the movie was really good even though they left some bits out.


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