Yarn along – Week 40 – Tchaka!

Today I have only a short update for Ginny’s Yarn Along, but a significant one: Tchaka! I’m the quickest! Well maybe not, but a quick one indeed. Within one week I knit up the a Phoebe Sweater in the smallest size. I wove in the last ends yesterday night and now I only need to block it and find matching buttons. And I already started with the second size and finish already the lower patterned part. Now a lot of stockinette stitch (181 stitches per row!) buteven though this one is a little bigger, it still knits up really fast.Freya-and-Claras-SweaterAnd on the weekend I was longing for something else to knit so I started the Toddler Cardigan again. This time in a beautiful Merino wool and in a far more manly colour, something that is called medium brown but I would rather call it mud. Doesn’t sound appealing but I think it will look great on the recipient who is a rather stylish, fair haired, blue eyed, then 17 months old.Toddler-cardigan-reloadedI even knitted a few rows of the colour work side of my brother’s Christmas Sweater but so few that I don’t think it s worth showing you a picture. Same goes for my reading which is the same as last week. Maybe more news next week because tomorrow is “Reunification Day” obviously a public holiday in Germany, the 23th to be precise.

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