Dotted red nails or upcycling a mani

Last Friday I did my nails to last through a weekend at home and a party on Saturday night. Well, the nail polish obviously didn’t know that and I ended up with serious tip wear on Saturday afternoon. And after taking the nail polish off my nails looked nothing like going nude and I decided to grap one of my mum’s nail polishes, essie’s really red to be precise. Now I’m not a red red person but I thought well why not. It did look good but it didn’t feel like me.Red-nails-beforeAnd when some days later I was getting a bit of tip wear here too (and I’m a perfectionist, when it comes to nail polish, I hate tip wear. There is nothing more scruffy than half fallen off, out grown nail polish!) but was to lazy to take it all off and repaint them, I decided to upcycle the mani with polka dots (horrible blurry picture, I know, I need to learn to take proper nail polish pictures, sorry).Dotted-red-nails-afterSo, what did I do? I used Manhattan, 33S, a creamy orange, essie, 70 chubby cheeks, essie, Limited Edition stylenomics, skirting the issue and p2, 016 chic and used my different size “dotting tools”:  A pin head, a pencil tip and my so loved metal pin. And then I dotted my nails.Material-dotted-nailsHonestly, doing this takes about 5 minutes and your mani looks fresh and new again. Unfortunately that day I went shopping, got new nailpolishes and couldn’t stop myself from taking the mani off again to try out my new nailpolishes. But that’s a story for another blog post…


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