Sightseeing in Mainz – or a quick stop over

I was invited to a birthday party in Mainz this weekend. I went with two friends and we went to Darmstadt first on Friday and Saturday to Mainz for the party. Mainz is not very far from my hometown Darmstadt yet other than as a teenager showing around school exchange partners 15 years ago I have never been there. And because of this I decided to go to Mainz a little early on Saturday to do a little sightseeing.Mainz-towards-the-Rhine First we went for a little stroll along the Rhine. Actually if you know the Rhine terrasses in Düsseldorf then the promenade in Mainz is a little boring. Mainz is about the same size as Aachen where we went last weekend. And it is about as old with a similar history. But it does look different, having evolved more since the Middle ages. And everything is freshly renovated. The last renovation and rebuilding jobs after the near complete destruction during World War II (about 80% of Mainz were destroyed now nearly 70 years ago) have been completed recently and everything looks so fresh and nice. Mainz-CathedralNext we went to the city center and passed Mainz cathedral in the evening sun. You can’t see it here but it looks brand new in red sandstone. Unfortunately we were a little late to check out the cathedral from the inside. And we also couldn’t see the famous Chagall windows in nearby St. Stefan, another church in Mainz. I think I need to visit Ulrike again and then go and see those windows.Mainz-city.centerJust around the cathedral lies the market square. Here also everything is very new. Mainz doesn’t have a very centered shopping area so there are shops here and there. Next we saw the Staatstheater of Mainz, a nice mixture of an old building top with contemporary architecture. Then we went for dinner so we didn’t get to see much more of the old city center and when we finally crossed it I didn’t take pictures because it was dark by then.Mainz-OperaAt around 9.30 pm we finally went to the party which took place in Mainz-Kastell. Don’t let the name fool you, by the way. Mainz-Kastell is on the other side of the Rhine which makes it a part of the Wiesbaden which by the way is the capitol of a different state. Confusing, also for the GPS…

By the way our birthday girl Ulrike has already been a guest blogger here. She reported about Mainz’s Christmas market here.

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