31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 27 – Inspired by an artwork

WHAT IS IT? Today’s nail art was inspired by Hundertwasser. Turqoise nails with silver.hundertwasser-artworkWHAT IS USED? I made them with three steps:Nail-design-art-step-1

  1. One complete layer of essie’s Mirror Metallic in 213A in no place like chrome
  2. Then a slightly smaller amount of essie’s 99 mint apple candyNail-design-art-step-2
  3. Topped by an even smaller amount of essie’s 266 naughty nautical
  4. I finished this of with a layer of essie’s good to go which dries polish up quickly and gives some more strength and shine.

Nail-design-art-step-3HOW DOES IT FEEL? A real cool mani that despite using three shades didn’t take too long as it is painted free handed and the last layer doesn’t have to be as dry as with a tape mani when you paint the next layer. I love the result and had to stare at my nails all day long.

Check out my other nail arts for the 31 Days Nail Challenge too.

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