31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 26 – Inspired by a pattern

WHAT IS IT? I really wanted to use this top coat with the big green, blue and black hexagons and thought well this is the best to create a pattern with it, you just have to place all hexagons seperately. And as my rainbow toe nails where ready to be renewed I did this on my toes.inspired-by-a-pattern-maniWHAT IS USED? I used the new 890 lost in paradise by p2 as a base. The picture here doesn’t do it justice: it is a super nice shimmering polish which shifts from turquoise to gold. I would have called it “mermaid” as this is what it reminds me of. Then I put some brushes full of glitter (Catrice, 13 mrs and mr glitter) on a sheet and started placing single hexagons on my nails with the help of a pencil.

inspired-by-a-pattern-mani-productsHOW DOES IT FEEL? Well, I think it looks a bit like bling jewelery as the one below. It does look like summer and draws my eyes to them again and again but I think they won’t last as long as the rainbow nails did.

inspiration-pattern-mani-courtesy-lilyvioletta-ebayCheck out my other nail arts for the 31 Days Nail Challenge too.

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