31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 25 – Inspired by fashion

WHAT IS IT? I had everything planned. I wanted to do dark dusty rose and dark leather as autumn colours. I had looked up different designers and their fashion shows for autumn 2013 in London and New York. like Felder Felder, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren or Victoria Beckham. But then I placed an order and got two A England nail polishes that I’ll show you another day, a models own glitter topcoat and most exciting, neon nail art glitter and I can’t help and need to do something with neon for the fashion part.inspired-by-fashion-neon-glitter-mani-leftWHAT IS USED? I had a t-shirt in mind, I saw in a shop the other day: in a neutral beige with lots of little neon dots. So I used essie’s sand tropez as a base and then added the new nail art glitter by LA Splash by  mixing it with a clear polish (in this case p2 nail thickener gel but just because it was there). As I couldn’t decide which neon glitter would be the best, when I started shopping at lovelycosmetics.de I simply bought three packs of neon glitter (left to right on the picture below): Coral mania with neon orange as the main colour to be seen on the pinkie and the ring finger, Neon Craze which is more yellow & blue and to be seen on middle and index finger and Spring Fling, the pink based glitter on my thumb. I topped this with a layer of good to go top coat.inspired-by-fashion-neon-glitter-mani-productsHOW DOES IT FEEL? This is super fun even though I need to work on the way the glitter is spread over my nails. I like the index finger of my right hand (below) best also because the orange glitter is my favourite. And I should try them out over different colours. Yes, I can see a lot of fun coming out of this. NOTE: This stuff is a real pain to take off. I need to figure how to do that better before I use it again. Maybe it is time to get some peel of base coat.inspired-by-fashion-neon-glitter-mani-rightCheck out my other nail arts for the 31 Days Nail Challenge too.


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