31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 16 – Tribal

WHAT IS IT? Tribal nails in brown and green or how I like to call them: Epic Fail! I did some swatches on paper to determine good colour combination and easy patterns. Some were no good as I wanted something that I could paint with my left hand as well. First I painted the nails on my left hand (photo on the right). Fail! I painted them a second time and when I still didn’t like it I tried a third design on my right hand. And it still sucks…Tribal-nail-art-failWHAT IS USED? The colour combination is not bad.

They are all essie nail polishes: 265 the more the merrier, 106 go overboard, 228A don’t sweater it and 79 sand tropez. The patterns are painted free handed which wasn’t the problem. The design was which is why I won’t even bother to give you details. Honestly those zigzags with the dotted lines around, what was I thinking. And in real life it looked worse.essie-polishes-tribal-maniHOW DOES IT FEEL? Well, how does an epic fail feel? I’m glad I’m doing a nail challenge and will just do the next challenge tonight. And I guess tribal nails are quite low on my to do list in the future…

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