Yarn along – Week 32 – Knitting in between lots of nailpolish

I’m totally living the nail polish frenzy with the 31 Days Nail Challenge which is why I missed last weeks yarn along… but I thought I might as well post a little knitting update as I actually worked quite a bit on my projects in the last week. As usually I link up with Ginny and her Yarn along for this.

I crocheted a few more rows on my big blanket, meaning I’m about fours more star rows away from starting the edge. This is great as I’m getting closer to finishing but also closer to having to weave in all those ends… I’m not really looking forward to this.crochet-start-stitch-blanketAnd then I kind of inherited a cardigan for Michael. We visited his mum on the weekend. Her hands pain her and it is not quite clear yet what it is. Well even though we hope that they’ll find a remedy for it soon, she can’t knit at the moment and gave me not only wool but also a nearly finished cardigan for Michael that she started (according to both of them) years ago but for some reason never finished. So I’m now taking this absolute beauty of a black cabled cardigan and getting it out of hibernation. One front, the back and one sleeve were finished, I cast off the last stitches on the second front already and then there are about 20-30 rows to knit on the second sleeve. This is will be done in no time even though it feels weird to take over someone elses knitting especially if you need pairs, like sleeves, and one is finished already and you have to deduct from what you see in the finished one and what the very little saying pattern she used tells you, where you are and what to do next. But I think I got the hang of it. And then it will only be weaving in ends, sewing parts together, inserting a zipper (I’m a bit scared as I have never done this before)… well all those things I like best about knitting (not)… Best I do it quickly because the cardigan looks so nice and will be great when finished.cabled-cardiganOther than that I’m suffering a bit from Startitis. I started some fingerless mittens but I’m not sure if that really suits the color changes in the wool I use. Maybe I will frog them again. Any recommendation what to do with a skein of 100g of super soft merino wool in a fingering weight that changes colour quite often (acid green, dark grey and white)? And after finally sending of a box of knitted things to the people of the Sternstunden ravelry group to sell them for a charity purpose  I couldn’t help but casting on some more girls socks for them.

As to reading I didn’t do much. But maybe I should get some new books for our holiday. Yes, we are going away even though it is summer and Michael is working like mad. We are going to Mallorca for a week and will meet up with his brother and his family there. I’m really looking forward to it! So what are you reading and making?

11 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 32 – Knitting in between lots of nailpolish

  1. I’m suffering from startitis in my mind, I keep thinking about all the stuff I want to knit up! Lovely projects you have on the needles and maybe I’ll start something new this week!

    • Thank yuo. I wasn’t much into crocheting before I came across the star stitch. I think it looks so nice and I like the colour combination. It looks like autumn 🙂 As for the cardigan, isn’t the cable work lovely? But the credits have to go to Michael’s mum. I’m just the one to finish it.

      • yes, I love the cable work! that’s the next thing I want to learn. I bought a couple of hats from the blogger at alittleknitting.blogspot.com/ and she had that cable stitch on the hats. I love it. that’s great that you get to finish it.

  2. I’m with you on the weaving in the ends. I save it for one night and sit and do them while I watch a show. Seems to make it a little less painful. 🙂

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