31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 5 – Blue

WHAT IS IT? Blue nails with a shiny, metallic, marble like look – an experiment with a new technique.Blue-nailsWHAT IS USED? p2’s 010 blue lagoon from the Pool Side Party edition, a dark blue that is opaque in just one layer. Honestly an amazing nail polish and from my favourite metallics: essie’s no place like chrome from last year’s mirror metallics limited edition. I used the plastic or saran wrap method to achieve this look (here is a nice tutorial) only that I didn’t cover the nail with the second colour and then took polish of with the foil but instead I put a bit of polish on a piece of paper and dipped the foil in it. Like this I had only a bit of polish on the foil and could kind of stamp my nails a bit more delicately.products-blue-nailsHOW DOES IT FEEL? Even though I think that the look worked out perfectly I don’t think I like it that much. I even got complimented on my nice nail design but I wore it for two days only and then was quite happy to take it of.

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