31 Days Nail Challenge – Starts August 1st

As I’m one of these fortunate people who’s job it is to go through other people’s blog (well, not mainly but I need to be ahead of trends) I found many people blogging about nail polish and nail design that took part in the 31 days nail challenge. So I decided to join the fun and do the challenge in August. But I cheat. Of course I can’t do nail designs every day and we’ll be on holidays for a week in August. So I already prepared pictures and 1/3 of the posts in advance so that I’ll have 31 nail designs to show you one each day. Here are the topics for the challenge:

nailchallengeThese are the 31 challenges. I  faced a few problems. I had neither orange nor yellow nail polish so you might get to see something else instead. And then there are some things that I really had to look up before hands. I wasn’t sure what a nail art inspired by the supernatural or galaxies would mean. And I went shopping. I bought some more nail polishes and am now very deeply immersed in the world of nail art so let the Challenge begin!

If you want to know what might await you, check out my nailpolishes already.

2 thoughts on “31 Days Nail Challenge – Starts August 1st

  1. Considering it takes me about an hour to put on just two coats of polish, I won’t be accepting this challenge, but I will be looking forward to your blog entries!

    • I’ve been painting my nails ever since my mum allowed me to wear some so for maybe 16-18 years and I have some practice. It really depends on the polish how quick everything is finished.

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