Yarn Along – Week 29 – Design, design, knit, knit, block, block

I’ve been busy at the weekend finishing my Hunger Games Cowl and now it is blocking and blocking and blocking… With four strands of yarn it just needs an enormous amount of time to dry. I also already started to write the pattern down. As I realised I find describing what to do very difficult I made a chart. I think this works better. Also I already found three test knitters. If someone else wants to test knit, leave a comment or send me an email.Yarn-along-week29 And then I also finished the lace socklets, painted my nails several times (I’m preparing posts for a 31 Days Nail Challenge in August). Todays nails are for the Polka Dot Challenge with khaki pastell dots on turquoise nails. And I’m reading “Pride & Prejudice” on my iPad (which’s screen looks weirdly cloudy on my photo, no idea why).

For next week I want to show you all those hibernating projects I have and of course work on them again. Yes, I thought I might finally finish one of them before I start something new. What a pity that they are all long time projects that’ll need more than a week to finish… Joining of course Ginny’s Yarn along I would like to know: what have you been reading and knitting this week?


16 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Week 29 – Design, design, knit, knit, block, block

  1. I have too many projects on the go right now to test knit the Hunger Games Cowl, but I will be the first in line to buy the pattern when it is ready. I love the Hunger Games books, but I just want it because it is a HOT piece of knitwear. Thanks for doing all the work to make it happen.

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