Parks in Düsseldorf – Volksgarten

After having written an article about Darmstadt’s parks I realised I had not even been to most of the parks in Düsseldorf. So I made a list, well a month ago, where I wanted to go. Then I was either busy or it rained or like Saturday I fell asleep on the sofa instead of getting to know new parks. But on Sunday I finally did it.Suedpark-rose-gardenAfter dropping Michael off at work I went to the park know as the “Volksgarten” the “people’s garden”.Later that day I learned the only about a third of the actual park is called “Volksgarten” and the whole area is refered to as “Südpark”, the “South park”.SuedparkThe park is a mix of public garden, an area especially build for a garden exhibition and a more natural area at the end of  the park near the highway. There are many lawns, some really big but also nice nearly forest like areas with trees and brushwood.Through-the-VolksgartenI entered the Volkgarten from Auf’m Hennekamp and as it was a sunny summer day could see what a proper day at the park means for many people. I grew up in a place where we always had a garden. We hardly ever went to the park left alone with much things. Sunbathing-in-VolksgartenBut as the park is the public garden for all those people who don’t have their own garden going to the park means serious business for them. While I would go to the park bringing a blanket and many a book, something to read or when with friends maybe some food,Volksgarten-bbqthere are quite a lot of people who bring their barbeque (most important assessory to be sure), some even bring benches, tables, little tents, badminton nets and important to start your own soccer game, have a barbeque, look after the children and chat at the same time: the whole neighborhood.Waterplay-groundOr so to speak the park was full of people of all kinds. The sound in the park is funny. Especially in the part of the Volksgarten closer to the city center, it is a mixture of peaceful nature sounds like chirping birds and leaves in the wind mixed with the hussle and bussle of a public pool. Well there is actually something that is like public pool: the water playground. Just look at the picture and imagine the sound there.The-DusselBut there are also more secluded and peaceful places. The Düssel, giving Düsseldorf its name, runs through the park and especially in the flower garden part of the park it looks just beautiful. Here you can find different themed gardens with roses or irises.RosegardenThese parts were obviously more calm. And they are quite extensive. From entering the park (on the map on the far upper left) to get to the big lake on the lower end of the park I walked about an hour. I just checked the map, it must have been about 3km.BeehouseAt the lower end there is a farm with a pet zoo. You can see farm animals like ducks, chicken, goats and sheep but also a pig and donkeys and you can feed and pet them. But you can also learn about herbs in the farm garden or about having bees in the bee house. Here I also finally found a map with which’s help I found some more exciting places in the park like a playground called the robe garden.Rope-GardenThe picture might not look excessively exciting for you but for me the place does. I’m a huge fan of playgrounds and think it is very sad that from a certain age when you start to grow up you get looked at when you want to enjoy yourself at a playground too. But I love playgrounds! Especially the more adventure themed ones. And I like climbing (yes even though I’m afraid of heights). And those huge rope structures are the best.Lilly-gardenAnd there were hardly any kids so I guess next time I go, I wear proper shoes for climbing, find a place to store my bag and until then hopefully find some more people my age who’d enjoy playing there too. I could so come up with a fantasy world making one structure a castle and the other one the dangerous place where a dragon lives… I could definitively entertain myself there for hours. Does anyone know that feeling?The-pondsOn my way back to my car I enjoyed a bit more of the beauty of the park, found more playing kids and envied them a lot and finally found a place where I could spread the blanket I had brought, read a book and relax a little after my two hour walk.

It was a great way to spend the sunday even though it would have been great to have more people with me but I’ll most definitively will come back here!

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