Football Agency Cup in Dusseldorf

FAC 2013 is officially over and it was fun! We made 3rd place in the tournament, the weather was pretty good and the parties were great but let’s go through it from beginning to the end:FAC-2013-Team-MRM-WorldwideFriday I showed you my preparations for the event. While people from further away already started their journey early we in Dusseldorf either had to work or joined a cruise to Cologne and back. As I couldn’t be bothered to spend approx. 8 hours being stuck with a bunch of drunken party people, I worked. The first party of the weekend was hosted at the Schlösser Quartier Bohème. This is usually not my place to party, but filled with loads of people from the advertising agency in a party mood, it was fun.FAC-2ß13-The-cheerleadersThe next day I didn’t plan well. Instead of sleeping in and leaving the soccer playing people to their fun for a bit longer, I got up at 9am, still a bit weary from the night before and made my way to the soccer pitch. It was still really cold and wet from a very rainy friday but from minute to minute it got better until it was really sunny and warm in the afternoon. But by then I really couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and having had a drink or two didn’t really help.FAC-2013-The-supportersSo I thought I had seen enough for the day and rather had an afternoon pizza with Michael instead and then went home to take a nap. It was great! When I got up two hours later I was absolutely refreshed. I’m such a nap person. Too bad we can’t take one here in the office…FAC-2013-Thel-party-location-1The refreshing nap was really needed as it showed. We took a shuttle bus from a nearby hotel to the party location on the complete other side of town. I hadn’t been sure what to expect. Last year’s BAC party on Saturday had been a desaster and I had never as much as heard from the place where this year’s party was suppossed to take place. But this party rocked.FAC-2013-Thel-party-location-2Located in the “Areal Böhler” the party took place in the “Alte Schmiedehalle” and it was amazing!A huge old factory building with more than 8000 square meters, with dozen of meters of bars, several food stations, lots of space to sit but even more space to dance and party, super friendly and attentive service staff and the best catering I have experieced so far for such a mass of people (over 3000). Just brilliant. If you ever need a party/event location in Dusseldorf, I can high recommend the place!FAC-2013-Thel-party-location-3We arrived at around 9.30pm and left around 3.30 am when we thought that the music would get any better (something that is always a bit difficult. To accomodate most people’s taste you hardly ever get anything else then the Top 10 from the last 15 years or that weird kind of party music that doesn’t appeal to me at all). Taking the shuttle bus home was super convenient. From the hotel it only took me about 10 minutes to get home in comparisson to a taxi ride worth 30€ or more. And what was worth even more was the fact that I could sleep in my own bed and didn’t have to do anything on Sunday as I was already home.

And the excitement doesn’t stop here. After relaxing yesterday and working today tomorrow I go to Berlin and I’m quite excited about it: I’m going to visit the Berlin Fashion Week and even see some shows. That’s the good thing about doing advertisement for a make-up brand (except from free samples)!  I will definitively show you pictures here!


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