Preparation for the weekend

This weekend is FAC, the Football Agency Cup. And like last year my agency is joining the fun and so do I. Yesterday we got our package with a shirt, and some accessories. Nothing wrong about some accessories but the t-shirt, well, just take a look:

The-fac-packageIt was weirdly shaped and expecting a normal women fit shirt I ordered a size M. Now this was incredible big. Good that we got it two days in advance. So when I went home I quickly threw the t-shirt in the washing machine and then reshaped it a little once it was washed.First I cut of the hem. Now the t-shirt had a proper length. But it was still way to wide. Now I took my sewing machine and simply made it tighter. Now it looks like a proper t-shirt!

FAC-t-shirt-reshapingI also decided to paint my nails the same purple like our company colour. I even found a very matching nail polish with the coolest bright purple, 820 Atomic purple by L’Oreal. I had never bought a L’Oreal nail polish before but honestly, I guess I won’t do so again. They might not all be like this one but this nail polish was so exceptionally bad I won’t buy one again. Applying the polish was tricky. It needed 2-3 layers but if I didn’t get just the right amount of colour on my brush and painted the nail in one go, I created stripes or the pooling of the polish. Then this polish dries semi matte which personally I find quite ugly but that was something I could change by topping it with essie’s topcoat Good to go. So finally my nails were done and looked really cool. But after about 4 hours I already had tipwear. With a topcoat and the only thing I did this today was typing, this usually never happens, at least not on the first day. When I finally came home, half of the nail polish on my left hand middle finger had already peeled off and during the evening more pieces of nail polish came off. I might give it a second try with a different base coat tonight but I’m very disappointed already so I’m not sure yet.Loreal-atomic-purple-nailpolishOther than that the weather went from bad to worth and it is cold and raining. Keep your fingers crossed for us that at least it stops raining tomorrow (the forecast is not in our favour though). I will tell you how it went, most likely on sunday.


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