Yarn along – Week 25 – It’s summer

It’s been hot and sunny, actually proper summer weather, here for 3 days now (wooho!) but it is suppossed to cool down again over the weekend (not so woohoo) so I just quickly join Ginny’s Yarn Along with my weekly knitting and reading updates: I finished my knit and crochet top. Here is what I looked like wearing it after a long and sweaty day at the office. A bit of a weird pose? Well try taking nice pictures with a mobile phone at the office at five to six on a hot summer day…

Knit-crochet-topThen I went back to knitting my dress but even though I quite avanced a bit, I’m not too keen on knitting on. I tried to gain width accomodating for my butt which means I have quite a lot of stitches on my needle and rounds get longer and longer. Maybe I should start something new in the meantime and knit only on the dress when I feel like it.

popsicle-dress-and-bookConcerning the reading I started reading a new book called “Die Ketzerin” by Peter Berling. It is a historic novel on the Albigensian Crusade. So far I just met the heroine, a young girl aged 15 who wants to be a grail knight – so far quite entertaining. I’m still at “The Distant Hours” which finally in the middle of the book has taken an unexpected turn and might get from slow flowing to actual exciting.

pinky-taupe-french-nailsAnd last but not least of course I did my nails yesterday. French nails in not so French colours. I’m a bit into neons at the moment so I thought I might take the brightest colours I have and combine them with a very light muddy taupe. Having painted them freehand they don’t look so neat but I think I will do them again, using French nail stickers to help painting them right. The Colours are as follows: the light taupe is Misslyn, 420 5th Avenue, the apricot on thumbs and pinky is essie, 74, tart deco, ring and index finger’s medium peach is Catrice, 030 Meet Me At Coral Island and on the middle finger is essie’s 224A lights from the Limited Edition poppy razzi in neon pink.


8 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 25 – It’s summer

    • Thanks! Well that wall is a work of art that my colleague and friend Katharina brought together over the years. It is full of postcards, little drawings of her, some advertisement we have made. Bits and pieces turned into something big. I absolutely love it.

  1. Love your nails. that is a great way to use some of your colors. I find that my nail polish addiction is a little like my yarn addiction. 🙂 Your top is darling and looks great on you! 🙂

  2. Oh wow – I really love that dress pattern! (and I admire your humor about adding stitches for your butt) I’m not sure that I would have the patience for something so long…

    • Thanks! Tops are my favourites. They mostly fit, well I knit them fitted. It is bigger stuff that is more difficult to shape or even worse things for Michael. I seem to have no sense of proportions for men what so ever 😉

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