Yarn Along – Week 17 – New projects

This week is Knitting & Crochet Blog Week but I decided to leave today’s topic for tomorrow and rather join Ginny’s Yarn along. So make sure you check that out what colours I like (you actually get a good glimpse on it when you look at my projects at the moment) and what my stash looks like in Thursday’s post.

As predicted last week, I ditched the angora top and went for the top I Top-part-of-my-Geminireally wanted, the Gemini. I’m using a peachy coloured cotton/acrylic mix which knits up nicely. I was not too sure about the top down approach though. I was quite sure I did everything according to the pattern but the increase part during the lace section looked a bit messy compared to the part were you only knit stockinette stitch. So I decided to start new, fixing this. Now it looks far better. You can see the changes I made on my ravelry project page.

I finished the Business Casual socks on Sunday morning and Michael wore them straight away. Good for him he likes knitted socks. Like that he gets something Purple-borken-seed-stitch-socks(that really fits) from time to time… They are really cool though and he never got anything else then plain socks before. Actually I wanted to stop knitting socks for a while and work on my other projects but I just couldn’t stop myself from immediately casting on new socks. They are for me again. I’m knitting Broken Seed Stitch Socks for myself with some wool from my stash. The purple goes well with white, I think. And I really like the effect you get by simply using a seed stitch pattern.

Other than that the big blanket hasn’t grown much this week and I did knit some hexipuffs but I’m currently very blanket-and-bookmuch behind on my “one a day” idea. All the other things seem to be so much more exciting at the moment. Guess I’m really a bee… Reading wise it is better. I’m reading Game of Thrones No. 4 (yes, still) every now and than and finished the last book to start “Eifeljagd” by Jacques Berndorf. This is a regional crimi story from around here and everyone I know really recommended it but until now I haven’t really got the hang of it. It seems to be ok but it doesn’t take me in as much as real good crime stories normally do.

And now that I confessed it in my Liebster Award post, I can also show your want my nails nailpolishlook like this week. This here is the creation of today. I saw something similar on a blog yesterday (I can’t really remember which one it was) and thought: that is just perfect with todays outfit. For those of you who want to know what this is: The main colour is essie “eternal optimist”, the nude is from a Limited Edition by essence called “Rosewood Hood”, the shimmering gold is from a Limited Edition by essie and is called “good as gold” and all of that is fixed with a top coat by essie call “good to go”.

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along – Week 17 – New projects

  1. Oh my goodness those are some fabulous projects! I have the Gemini in my time out pile right now, so I can relate to the increase issue. Love your nails 🙂

    • That’s true. I might finish that angora top one day too though. Well, one day… Or I find a better use for that angora yarn. But then angora is such a special texture plus the yarn is white, that I haven’t found anything else that I might use it for yet. I think it is a left overs from one of those 80s sweaters with elements in different fabrics…

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