Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums 2013

I’ve been living in Dusseldorf since 2008 but never made it to the Dusseldorf’s Night of the Museums. I didn’t even go to many museums here at all. So yesterday I decided to finally join the fun. I wanted to see as much as possible. We went with a group and had laid out a big plan on what to see in which order but obviously we did get so see everything and got seperated along the way too. It was still good fun and I’m now motivated to go and see more museums in Dusseldorf in the future.

K21-Duesseldorf-StaendehausWe started at the K21 in the Ständehaus which is in a very beautiful building in a little Park with a small lake. We didn’t get to see all here because this alone would have taken us the whole night. So we only looked around in the second floor where they had their normal exhibitions plus a special Paul Klee exhibition. The building is superlovely and I think I must go back here one day and maybe spend a whole afternoon here.

Between-Apollo-theater-and-KITNext stop was a bit further out so we took one of the free shuttle buses: The LKA. It is the State Criminal police Office of our State, Nordrhein Westphalen. They had opened one of their building for a special exhibition only for this night. The exhibition was about art fraud but it was so packed we just squeezed through and decided to leave as soon as possible. Here is also were our group splitted. We didn’t manage to get on the same bus back to the city center and so we decided to skip the stop in the media harbour and go right on to the KIT, an art in a tunnel museum where on our way we passed these enlightend trees.

KIT-DuesseldorfFor me the KIT was one of the most interesting museums that day. It had lots of paintings and photographs from modern day artists and is based in extra tunnel of Dusseldorfs Rheinufer tunnel. We all really enjoyed our time here. I definitively will come back here for new exhibitions.

Stadtmuseum-DuesseldorfNow our group completely split. I ventured on on my own because noone wanted to join me for the Stadtmuseum. This is Dusseldorf’s museum about it’s history as a city. I love those kinds of museums and last night only took a peek at some things you can see there. I will definitively come back here to take in all that can be seen at a slower pace. For only 4€ this museum definitively is one of the cheaper museums too.

Polnisches-Institut-DuesseldorfNow I wanted to go to the Town Hall too to see a bit more on Dusseldorf’s history but by that time it was already half past eleven and the Town Hall closed at midnight. I therefore decided to skip that and have a look at the Polnische Institut instead because Simone had always been telling me that this was her favourite spot on the Nights of the museum. It was not very exciting but real cute there and guess who I met: Björn and Simone. What a nice surprise.

Schifffahrtsmuseum-Sclossturm-DuesseldorfFor my last stop I reunited with Katharina and Jochen who had gone to see other things when I went to the Stadtmuseum. We went into the Schlossturm, the last part standing from the palace that once towered over the Rhine. It now houses a ship museum with lots of ship models. It was interesting to get to see the inside of the tower especially the top floor with its cafe where tour ended with a special show. Dusseldorf’s founder Graf Adolf von Berg appeared and told us how he founded the city and what happend in that time 725 years ago. Unfortunaly we didn’t get to see the St. Lambertus Church with its treasure chamber because it closed at midnight too and I skipped the other art museums that I really want to see one day too. I hope last night was inspiration enough to do some more in the future! I definitively consider getting an Art Card, a yearly pass for many museums in Dusseldorf and the surrounding area.

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