Yarn along – Week 13 – a bit of a shopping spree

Today’s Yarn along post (of course as usual linking up with Ginny at Small Things) is a bit frustrating. I thought I could show you a finished cabled sweater, probably even blocked and sewed, modelled by Michael. Well, that is not the case. Ok, to be honest, I didn’t knit as much as I thought I would on the weekend. And Cabled sweatermaybe if I had stopped and thought twice when I last fitted the sweater on Michael I could be further too, but well, after a second fitting yesterday I realized I was decreasing far too much to gain enough height on the shoulder and had to rip back 26 rows. That doesn’t sound much, but on a sweater this size, 26 rows over the whole cardigan is about a weeks work and it really hurts. The sweater seems to grow into a neverending story and this when I am so keen on finally starting something new, something springlike, summery (even though the weather is not at all like this yet. It is sunny but bloody freezing!)

Well, before I realized my mistake with the cardigan, to give me a motivation to finally finish the cardigan I went shopping. And maybe my shopping went a bit over the top – but hey, the yarn was only 2€ a skin and I got some even with a 20% discount. On the other hand counting the skeins makes me realise that I spend over a 100€ on yarn the last week… So, what do I want to do. First I want to participate in a Knitalong for  a Tritschko with the salmon and beige (yes it is actually beige not grey as it seems here) yarn on the left. It is a nice and fluffy yarn, part cotton, part acryl. The colourful yarn in yellowish Cotton-cotton-cottonorange, orange, red, yellow, moss and mint is a very soft and slightly thick cotton and will be turned into a blanket. Yes, I really want to crochet another star stitch blanket with colourful stripes like the ones that Jules at Little Woolies makes. I actually have a lot more yarn in the colours you can see. But they are still at the office because I bought them in my lunch break. The next yarn is a thinner cotton yarn that will probably be turned into a summer top with a knitted body and crocheted upper part that I saw in a magazin already last year and couldn’t find a fitting yarn for. And the grey (it is actually a nice full grey and not a light blue as it seems to be here) and lime green will be turned into a popsicle dress or at least something alike. I’m not sure if I should buy the pattern if I have to adapt it to my body size anyway. I might just take it is an inspiration.

As for reading I hope to finish my books over the long Easter weekend so I can finally start reading something else. I have quite a few books on the shelf that I haven’t read yet and I hope my brother lends me his copy of Winter of the Worlds by Ken Follet when we meet at our parents house for Easter.

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