Yarn along – Week 12 – did I say I didn’t like crocheting?

For this weeks Yarn along over at Ginny’s Small things I can show you two finished objects: The crocheted baby Baby-Blanket-and-Baby-Shoesblanket and some super cute baby shoes. Funny enough I found a pattern for exactly the baby blanket that I knitted on Ravelry. I hope little Vitus’ mum and dad will like it. Vitus himself will probably not mind at all as he’s only a week old. I just need to put labels on it. Did I tell you? I got myself my own labels. I had a voucher so I thought I might as well spend it on buying labels. They arrived on friday but I haven’t put one get. I will take a picture of the first items with labels for next weeks yarn along.

Cabled-cardiganNow, what else do I do: The cardigan is coming along nicely. All five seperate parts are finished now and I have already knitted the first 2 rows of the raglan arm part. This will take a while as I now have to work all around the whole cardigan but I hope to have finished it by the Easter weekend. It was pretty hard to take a picture that shows the cables properly which is why the picture is a little dark. But only like this you could see the Aran pattern properly.

Other than that I started with my very first lace piece. I’m making the lace shawl Filigrano and so far it works out. I’m just not quite sure if it is me Start-of-a-lace-shawldoing mistakes every now and then or if it is the pattern because I haven’t figured out why this is happening but I sometimes seem to miss some stitches so that I have to get stitches out of nowhere to make the pattern fit. But as of now I think I managed and it looks great. It will just take a bit of time to get it to a certain size that it is worth having it. Even now it already takes a lot of time to do a row.

And I got my very first work phone last week so that now I can check my mails and get calls even when I’m not in the office… yippih… Well, I can switch it off after Lonely-Planet -raveller-and-mobile-caseoffice hours, so I don’t worry that much. But that means also that I need some protective cover for the phone as I have the tendency to cratch my new phones straight away. This is why I started crocheting a star stitch mobile case. Against my normal behaviour at the moment I really enjoy crocheting. The star stitch looks great.

Reading wise I still read what I read the last weeks. And I got the new Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine. I always enjoy reading it to get some travel inspiration.

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