You must be kidding me – Snow again

It was nice and sunny. I prepared my balcony for spring. I planted primroses, rode my bike with out gloves and hat, even had lunch on a terasse last week and now this:

Snow-in-Duesseldorf-2That is just not fair. That is just not right for Mid-March. I really enjoyed the first snow in December. I was still ok with it in January and I thought, well, it is not unnormal for it to snow in February. But in Mid-March I’ve really lost my patiences for snow.

Snow-in-Duesseldorf-1Lucky enough we knew what was coming and as if I had known it when I planted them something like this would happen, I had only planted the primroses into flower pots and not the boxes, so I could rescue them into the apartment.

Snow-in-Duesseldorf-3And yes sure, it could be worse. It keeps on snowing but we never geht a whole lot of snow here in the city, but still. I had to walk to work because riding my bike seemed not a good idea.Snow-in-Duesseldorf-4

Now the only good thing is that I can really appreciate my finished comfy cardigan because it really keeps me warm these days. And well, snow is beautiful but just not in March. Hope it warms up again for Easter.

3 thoughts on “You must be kidding me – Snow again

  1. When my wife and I went in mid-December, we arrived just after the large snow storm. During our stay we had 50oF weather and no snow. Now see looks at the various webcams in Germany and can’t help but be jealous of the beautiful fresh snow you guys are getting.

    • What a pity! Germany is most lovely around christmas with snow and all the Christmas markets especially when you are in one of the medieval cities. But on the other hand, you got to see it the way it usually is in winter… šŸ˜‰

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