Furniture: What I want to do

I like upcycling furniture and rearranging things in the flat but unfortunately we now have about every piece of furniture we need. How good that we want to rearrange our bedroom because we want to get a new and (most important) bigger bed (sleeping on 1.2m together is very cozy, as in cosy, cosier, too cosy). Ok, we have been talking about this for ages but now we are really finally looking but anyways. But when looking for inspiration I found:this and wanted to share it with you because I thought it looked just too good.

idea for a tableI found this IKEA table turned into a absolute beauty of a workstation at Matsutake’s Blog. It has a very detailed explanation on what you need and how to do it. We do have a table in our bedroom but not the nicest one. Maybe we could change it for some thing like this…

I’ll keep you posted on what we will decide (if we ever do) but first of all I have to pack my things. I’m going to London for the weekend to visit Michaels brother and family.

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