Yarn along – Week 01 – Figuring out what to do and a oven glove

Joining the first Yarn along of the year at Ginny’s without much because I already showed you all finished christmas projects last week.

Knitting and ReadingOk, I started on the dress and I had a  nice pattern and I had already knitted 3 skeins of wool and yet I was not too happy. So I decided to do something completely else and now I figured out it will be a long cardigan in brioche stich and I think I’m far more happy with that. I just have to start again.

Other than that I thought I might use some of my stash and actually crocheted. Our oven glove (also crocheted some years ago) looks awful and no washing will change that any more. So I thought I might as well crochet a new one. I actually didn’t have many cotton rests so the colour mix is special at best but, hey, it is far better than the existing one. But I realised that crocheting is definitively not for me. It is far slower than knitting and takes far more attention.

I’m reading one of the books I got for christmas: Kerstin Ekman, Die Schwindlerinnen, a book by a famous Swedish author I had never heard of before. The story switches between today and a story that starts in the 1950s. 80 years old Lillemor Troj gets asked about a manuscript from her publisher that she hasn’t handed. It has been written by her long time friend Babba – like all of Lillemor’s books. When Lillemor starts reading it she realises it contains the thruth about their friendship and their work… I have read half of it and it is really good.

4 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 01 – Figuring out what to do and a oven glove

    • Well, crocheted oven cloths are normal in my family but I tend to burn my hands on all other parts, that are not covered by the cloth so I went for a glove instead. And yes, it needs to be cotton because cotton takes the heat better. And you have to crochet very tight with quite thick yarn placing each new stitch not in the whole one before but only in the back part. That way you create a thinker front (and it looks nice).

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