Yarn along – Week 52 – Finally knitting something for me again

Even without a real Yarn Along today, first of all I wanted to show you the finished christmas projects: There is the summer top for my mum that she already wore all Christmas Eve, the felted slippers for mSweater Beanie and felted slippersy grandma (that unfortunately need to be streched a bit more so she can put them on) and the absolutely last minute cabled beanie for my brother, who as I knew, was checking my blog and therefore (and because it was only finished on the train back home) his present was never mentioned here before.

And there is the big project. The warm winter cardigan with Aran pattern. Unfortunately, even though I made it far smaller than they said in the pattern and back checked with Michael’s other sweaters, it is very very big. I’ll habe to rip it and start again, making it far smaller. But not before next year… And just because Michael actually doesn’t have a real present at the moment, I made him a beanie with the Aran pattern so he already has something he can wear. By the way, I also finished the preordered felted slippers forCardigan and Beanie Katharina just in time on Friday for her to take home and felt them there.

But now to my new projects: After 5 weeks of only knitting for others, I’m finally ready again to knit first of all without a timely pressure and for me. During this time I found some really cool patterns: I would love to make a owl sweater and I also bought grey lace yarn because I want to try real lace knitting next year but I’m not sure if I want to try the Echo Flower Shawl or the Summer Flies Shawl. But first I need to finish that second pair of long socks that has been lying around ever Wool and Sockssince before we went to Egypt at the end of October. They’ll be finished by tomorrow o the day after I guess.

And then before the other ideas I want to start on the next big project. I’m still not completely sure how the warm winter dress will look like but I will start soon. I would love to try out top-down knitting for that project with a nice neckline pattern, similar to this vest but with only one colour or like this kids top with cables, but could also think of  somelike like this cable dress. There is definitively enough wool and it is quite thick. I think it’ll be knit with a 6mm needle. If you have any recommendations on a nice pattern for a dress, I would be happy to hear them.

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