Christmas markets No. 6: Darmstadt

This will be my last post on a Christmas market that I visited. But it will not be the end of the series. Two more post are going to follow. But now to my hometown Darmstadt:

Christmas Market in Darmstadt and the old Town HallAt least since we’ve all not been living in Darmstadt anymore it has become a tradition among my friends  – and well, were are not the only ones – to meet old friends on the 23rd of December on the Christmas market in Darmstadt. Going there is always full of good memories of being home. So just to check that I went to Darmstadt’s Christmas market last Saturday. Ok, to be honest, it was a rainy afternoon, not dark and therfore more cosy, not snowy. But even with better weather you probably can’t describe this market as a must see.

Christmas Market in Darmstadt and the PalaceThe Christmas market is located on the market square between the old town hall (now a pub and restaurant) and the palace. Both are nice buildings and definitively helping the atmosphere. But what you can get on the market is not very specially. Next to a mulled wine stall and one for Bratwurst and the like are some stalls selling the usual Christmas market things (decoration, sweets, kitchen ware, scarfs and the like). The market is neither big, nor does it have special stalls nor especially good mulled wine – on the other hand, it is not that bad either. There are some more stalls to the right side of the palace and a few on Luisenplatz, the main changing point for public transport, but nothing worth mentioning.

Overall, if you are shopping in Darmstadt during christmas time and decide you want a mulled wine at the end of the day then you can definitively go to the Christmas market but going there for nothing else than the christmas market is not worth the visit.

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