Yarn along – Week 51 – Nearly there

Nearly finished SweaterJoining the last Yarn along before Christmas I can say: Yes I’m nearly there. I finished the big project on the weekend at my parents’ place (pictures next week though I fear it might actually be quite big…) and then raced through the second sweater and I’m only another 26 rows short. So keep your fingers crossed and I’ll be able to finish it tonight. (Note: you must have kept your fingers crossed. The knitting is finished, I just blocked the sweater and will sew and finalise it tomorrow or on Saturday.)

sewing drawerAs for the ordered christmas project: maybe I finish it till tomorrow or early Saturday or else it will be finished after christmas. I’ll try my best but I won’t skip sleep for it or anything. Katharina, who ordered it, knows that and is fine with it. But actually now that I think of it, I might give it an extra go because I already got an early christmas present from her: this lovely sewing basket on wheels. She even offered to paint it for me, once I chose a colour. But first of all I need to find a place for it and then I’ll choose a colour. Probably something light green. I think this 60s design screams for a pastel colour.

How is your last week before christmas coming along?

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