Christmas market: No. 3: Bochum

Bochum Medieval Christmas marketI just realised, I never published No. 3… See where Christmas stress is leading me…

Bochum is not especially known for its christmas market. Well Bochum is not know especially for anything beautiful to be honest. It is deep in the heart of the Ruhr region and therefor in an area that used to be heavily indusrialised, coal minning and steel making. Nowadays things have gone a bit more quiet. But this gives you the chance to see a completely different side of Bochum. Like in most Ruhr region towns, the mainstation embarks at one end of the city center directly bordering the pedestrian precint. This means coming by train is a good choice (that is if you are not taking the same train as all the soccer fans that make their way through the area every weekend).

Bochum Medieval Christmas marketBut now to Bochum’s christmas market. Close to the main station it winds its way through the city center – a normal christmas market with its stalls. But next to the normal christmas market there is also a medieval one.

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