Yarn along – Week 49 – the clock is ticking

Yes, the clock is ticking. Today is already 5th of December – 19 days till christmas. So this is why today’s Yarn along at Ginny‘s will be quite short and also because I get Book and knittinga nasty cold and should be in bed right now…

The scarf from last week is finished. I will show it to you in all its beauty maybe next week when the ends are weaved in and it is blocked. And I already started with another present. I’m knitting a olive green summer sweater. I’ve knitted the same pattern several times before but this time instead of using a pure acrylic yarn, I use a blend of mesmerised Egyptian cotton and rayon and somehow it doesn’t work exactly the way I want it. Well, we’ll see what the end product will look like.  And the big project is making good progress too.

When it comes to books, I also finished the weird detective story and started a IMAG1184Charlotte Link novel “Das andere Kind”. I don’t really know what it is about only that so far there were two murders and there is some dark secret from WWII. Quite exciting actually.

To finish off this weeks post I want to show you what I got from Kayleen on Marigolds’ Loft’s Secret Santa Christmas Swap. Thanks Kayleen for this lovely journal. I might use it for keeping my knitting notes together. I really could do with that. At the moment I have only loose papers lying around.

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