Summer sun in Vienna

Eeva looking at our breakfast at Neni's at the Naschmarkt, ViennaSaturday was just so amazing. Not only did Vienna prove to be as beautiful as we had figured it would be on Friday, it was also t-shirt weather: just so warm!

We started with a lovely breakfast at Neni’s at the Naschmarkt. The Naschmarkt is a big market that streches for at least 500m between the streets “Linke Wienzeile” and “Rechte Wienzeile” and has not only market stands where you can get vegetables and fruits (from the normal stuff to very exotic fruits that other than in Thailand I have never seen before) but also many small restaurants. Our breakfast e.g. included not only nice views of the market but also scrambled eggs, fresh cream cheese and homemade bread and also some tea and (we thought we deserved this) a glass of champagne.

In the streets of ViennaThen we went for the quarter Neubau, checked out cobblestoned Spittelberg which ís very beautiful and which has a christmas market in december, something I can very well imagine, and ended up at the Museums quartier again, were we grabbed one of those colourful seats and fought hard not to take a nap as we would have gotten up sunburned for sure.

The Danube facing the Donauinsel and my shadowTaking a quick look at the Hofburg again, we decided to get some bikes, as Vienna has this bike scheme City Bikes. Once you have registered for it at a city bike station (mostly located next to tube stations) with your credit card, which costs you 1€, you can take a bike. The first hour is free, the next will be 1€. So we took those bikes and went to the Danube, crossing Leopoldstadt, taking a little detour at the Prater to see the ferris wheel and then trying to reach the river. This proved to be more difficult than we imagined. It would have been probably easier to just go there with the U-Bahn and get of at “Donauinsel” but we finally saw water, reached the banks, took some photos and left again (this is how exciting it was there).

Back in the city we finally headed for our first coffee house: Cafe Sperl. In this very oldfashioned surrounding we had a delicious piece of chocolate cake (no Sachertorte though). A bit tired and well fed, we went to the hostel for a little rest before we hit the streets again to join the “Lange Nacht der Museen”.

State Hall National Library, ViennaFirst we went to the Leopold Museum  to see Art Nouveau Pieces and then to the Naturhistorisches Museum, the museum of natural science. By then we were hungry and decided to go for dinner first. But unfortunately Eeva felt rather sick, having a cold, so we only took an old tram to ride around the city center before she went back to the hostel.

I went further and decided to go and see the “Prunksaal der österreichischen Nationalbibliothek”, the State Hall of the National Library and the “Schatzkammer”, the imperial treasury museum before heading back to the hostel, being really exhausted as well. I would have loved to see Hofmobiliendepot, an museum showcasing royal furniture but I was just too tired to go there.


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