Yarn along / WIP- Week 40 – I’ve been super diligent

I’ll be joining this week’s Yarn Along at Ginny’s blog Little Things and also the WIP at Tami’s Amis. I’ll give you a quick overlook on how my work from last week has turned out so far (and I’ve been knitting like mad it seems):

  • Slippers & SocksThe sweater vest is coming along but was a bit neglected this week. Nothing much to show.
  • The socks are finished. I want to take them with me to Vienna this weekend and my flight leaves friday morning at 6.30am so I finished them today.
  • The felted slippers got felted this afternoon and got already streched to fit and are now drying on the heater. They turned out even better than I expected (unfortunately the Slippers & Sockscolour doesn’t show well on the picture).
  • And I already started with something new: I’ll do some more socks and will make felted slippers for myself too. If you want to know how to do them there will be an tutorial next week.
  • About reading: same as last week

And I have two announcements to make:

  • Next week I’ll do a blog swap with Marigolds’ Loft so I’ll have my first guest post here on the blog. Don’t miss that. We’ll be posting guest posts on each other’s blog next thursday. It will be the tutorial for the felted slippers.
  • I’ll be joining the Secret Santa Homemade Swap at Marigold’s Loft. It would be great if you would join too.

5 thoughts on “Yarn along / WIP- Week 40 – I’ve been super diligent

    • Then watch out on my guest post on Marigold’s Loft on thursday to find out how to do them and in no time you will have warm feet again 😉 And maybe you’ll even find some more things to keep you warm… there might be some keeping warm give away…

    • Why not start anyway? It might take longer than a week, but thta’s ok. I have a summer sweater that took me nearly a year to complete due to a lack of time (and motivation at some point) and yet I finished it. And if you are thinking about slippers, they really don’t take long. Effectively maybe 6 hours.

      • Well, I guess I’m not really an effective knitter. 😀 So it would take longer. But I might consider doing it, though I got way too many unfinished projects around already…

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