Where I’ve been, Sydney, what to do, when you have only four days

Sydney operaHere it is: part 10. I’m a bit proud of myself for blogging ten days in a row. And I want to finish my 10-Days-Special on Australia with a wrap up on Sydney as there is so much to do. There is definitively more to do than what I list, but let’s say you have four days in Sydney and the weather is nice, what should you do? Here are my favourite:

Day One:

  • Inside the QVB, SydneyYou’ll most likely stay in a hotel in the city center, the CBD (if you are looking for a hostel here, try Sydney Railway Square YHA. The best hostel I stayed in in all of Australia, conveniently located and with a special twist, including dorms in old railroad carriages and a cute little pool). Spend the first morning getting to know the CBD. Don’t forget to take a look at the QVB, the Queen Victoria Building, and walk through The Strand, an old shopping mall and walk to Circular Quay to see the harbour and the opera.
  • Chinatown, SydneyWhen you are in the area, also go see Chinatown and don’t be shy, walk through Market City, a not very nice but very interesting Chinese Shopping center.
  • If it’s a saturday, spend the afternoon at The Rocks and see the market there. Otherwise you could head to a beach or checkout some more of the area.
  • Food: if you are into Sushi, try to get a seat at the sushi train bar Makoto, a sushi restaurant just of George St (
    385/401 Pitt Street, at World Square). If you like Japanese noodle soup, Ichiban Boshi is a restaurant inside the shopping center right next to the QVB. In both places you’ll need to queue for a place. Write your name on the list, take a number and wait until they call your number. It is so worth it.

Day Two

  • South Coast, SydneyIf it’s nice and sunny, do what the locals will tell you: “Go to the beach”. Be it Manly or Bondi Beach. After some sunbathing go for a walk. Actually you should go to both beaches as one has a great Coastal walk while the other gives ou the chance to see the harbour on the trip there.
  • At Max Brenner, SydneyFood: If you go to Manly, stop for the chocolate experience of your life inside the wharf building at Max Brenner, the chocolate cafe. It is just so delicious there! Max Brenner has more cafes all over town, but I like the one in Manly best, as it has harbour views and you can’t help but pass by, when you go back to the CBD. If you’ll like to stay in Manly for dinner, try the waterfront facing the ocean and walk a little to the left. Here you’ll find some cute little restaurants, mostly serving fish. If you are doing the Coastal walk, consider having dinner at Bronte Beach. They have some nice little cafe restaurants with great food there.

Day Three:

Day Four:

  • At the Blue Mountains, NSW, AustraliaThis might be another good day for the beach. Or maybe you prefer a trip to Taronga Zoo on the North side of the harbour. And if it’s raining maybe a list of Sydney’s museums might help.
  • But if you think, you have seen the quintessentials of the city now, it might be the day for a day trip to the Blue Mountains.
  • Whale watching, June 2007, SydneyOr if it is a winter day, maybe Whale Watching is an option for you. I went and it is just so amazing. Every winter (June/July/August are good months), whales swim up the Australian coast and after having given birth they swim back again. They are just a few miles of the coast and you get to see these huge animals real close.

I hope this helps you around. What is your favourite place in Sydney? Did I miss something important you think people should go to?

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