Japan Day in Düsseldorf – fireworks over the Rhine

It’s been a while, well more than 3 weeks to be honest, but I didn’t make it to put this in writing before: the Japan Day in Düsseldorf on June 2nd. I’ve lived in Düsseldorf for a bit more than four years now but I never made it to the Japan Day that has been taking place every year in late May, early June for eleven years now.

The Japan Day sees stalls been set up all around the Altstadt and the bank of the Rhine on the Altstadt side, offering many varied insights into Japanese culture. Unfortunately I didn’t make it there when they were still open as, with the help of a friend of mine, who is also called Katharina, I painted our kitchen chairs that afternoon, something I wanted to have done for weeks, or maybe months now. And Michael worked the whole day.

But Japan Day is all about the fireworks anyway. So we met some friends to go and see the fireworks. As did some other 700,000 people… you can imagine how packed it was.

As I hadn’t seen the fireworks yet I was very excited. The show had a theme:  “200 Years of Grimms’ Fairytales”. It was suppossed to have “mesmerising effects, motifs and pictures with mythical beasts, flowers and golden rain”. But, and well, sorry, I might be a bit spoilt after having been to Sydney and Geneva, it was disappointing. They had a 25 minutes firworks show which might have been great, if they had packed it into 15 minutes and had just fired the things up more closely one after another. But like this it was one “swoosh, bang, glitter”…time…time… another “swoosh, bang, glitter” and not well designed and executed fireworks.

I think I might go again next year, but then rather during the day to see the stalls, than later to enjoy the fireworks. Because I’d rather go back to Geneva to watch the faboulous fireworks over the lake Léman or to Sydney to watch fireworks over the harbour and the opera house which was always just amazing!

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