Where I’ve been – Barcelona’s museums

I’ve lived in Barcelona and I loved it. But it’s been years (nearly 10 to be precise) and yes I went their afterwards again in 2006 and 2009 but it’s about time to go again. Therefore here my Barcelona museum highlights, for you and as a guide for myself to check them out again soon:

Museums: want some culture? Get some culture!

  • Are you a fan of Picasso? Here is his museum, based in some old town houses from the 13th till 15th century in the quarter Born.
  • Like Miró? His house is on the hill next to the Montjuic. Only the free audio guide made me nearly running out of the museum. Miro wrote the texts himself and I liked the pictures and statues but with his commentary they were rather disgusting. Sometimes it might be better not to understand what an artist wants to say with his Art.
  • History is your favourite? The Museu d’Història de Catalunya has it all. And you can touch, hold, try and otherwise get deep into the old times with you own hands.

There are even more museums, for design, art or football. But these three were the ones that got a special place in my memory.


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