Easter – a trip back in time

I promised you some touristy sides of Darmstadt, but the weather was so bad (around 4°C and raining) that I couldn’t be bothered to go out. And of course there were family members to be visited an food to be consumed. But what I did this Easter was a trip back in time.

On Sunday we visited my grandparents who for some time now wanted to give me my mums dolls so I can sell them. And finally on sunday we unpacked those large dolls and looked at all their clothing that my grandma had made back in the 50s and 60s. This was so much fun and a trip back in time especially for my mum and my grandma.

And on Monday, my mum urged me to finally clean out some old boxes from the basement. I must have been (and probably in some cases still am) a collector. Not only did I store like every notebook I ever seem to have used in school, no I also stored all my exams and essays. There I found an essay about the internet form 1996. I don’t think I would have been able to imagine that one day I would be one of those, having kind of a  journal on the internet. And I also found, next to lot’s of romantic teeny stuff like a picture of Nick Carter (yes, I confess, I once was quite a Backstreet Boys Fan) but also a Fan card from the Toten Hosen (who by the way have their 30s Band anniversary this year), some gruesome things: I had collected all my milk teeth in a box. Even more funny was the reaction of my mum who helped me cleaning out when I opened a box that contained some of my dental brance on the referring dental casts. I don’t know why I put them in this box in the first place but I guess in a few centuries they would have made good archeological finds.

It was funny gooing back in time the classical way and not only looking on what you posted some years ago on Facebook. Real relics, making you remember how I felt like 10-20 years ago.

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