Darmstadt – good to go home

To be honest, when I go home to see my parents, I usually don’t care much about the town. We might go to the city for some shopping but that’s usually about it. When I still lived there I even thought that Darmstadt was an ugly and boring town. The only time I go sightseeing is when I have friends from abroad/out of town over. But actually Darmstadt has a lot to offer.

Yes, the city center is mostly ugly, but that’s due to 2nd world war bombing that destroyed large parts of Darmstadt. What survived or got rebuild is our palace (a cute little one, they only build half of the actual plans before they ran out of money), the old theater now state archive, the museum, parts of the old marketplace with the townhall and a little bit outside of the city center the part that Darmstadt is famous for: it’s Art Nouveau quarter the “Mathildenhöhe”.

Historywise little Darmstadt played it’s role too. You wouldn’t have thought, but the mother, Princess Alice, of the last Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig (by the way the founder of the “Mathildenhöhe) was a daughter of Queen Victoria and his sister Alix, later Alexandra, married Tsar Nicholas and became the last Tsarina of Russia before she got murdered along side her family in the 1918 revolution.

Saying all that I’ll try to do some “sightseeing” for you while I’m at my parents place for Easter and take some pictures.

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