Have a drink, mate! The 7 best places I partied at.

Partying is something I don’t do so often, but on Saturday I went out. Of course it is hard to say which city or place is best for partying as not only location is important but far more important are things like mood, time and especially company. Taking all that into account I made a list of the seven best places I ever partied at.

1. Abiparty in front of the Krone, Darmstadt
For kind of generations high school students in my hometown have partied on the day of the written graduation exams (“schriftliche Abiprüfung”) in and especially in front of a pub called “Goldene Krone”. This once a year event, when neither cars nor trams can use the street in the city center was one of the first times I really enjoyed partying and for two years it was a real highlight for me.

Asta Keller, Kuwi Bergfest 2004

Asta Keller, Kuwi Bergfest 2004

2. La Paloma, Barcelona
What a place. An old theater turned into a dance hall turned into a club in one of the old small streets of the Raval was the place where I spent my Saturdays during my time in Barcelona. Till midnight/one o’clock old couple where dancing to the music that a band played but when they were gone the club scene started rocking. Unfortunately it seems to be closed at the moment.

3. Asta-Keller, Duisburg
A room and a hallway in the basement of the University of Duisburg was the place where I spent many hours when I studied. There was not even a real bar, but students organised parties there, drinks where cheap and student life was great.

The Brazilians dancing at Sam Bar in August 2007

The Brazilians dancing at Sam Bar in August 2007

4. Sam Bar, Sydney
Same thing like the Asta-Keller, only that it was a real bar on the campus of Macquarie University in Sydney. It was some how sticky, greasy, drinks where expensive, most kids where five years younger than me, music was charts mainly but with the right people it was great and the theme parties were not only funny but the toga party was legendary.

5. Felix, Berlin
I went there only once in 2008 when I was in Berlin with some friends, but the location stayed in my mind. Music was good, people where funny only the drinks where a bit expensive.

6. Karnival in the Altstadt, Düsseldorf
Well why this is always fun has its own post…

Partying at the Felix in November 2008

Partying at the Felix in November 2008

7. Ufer 8, Düsseldorf
Yes, it’s the place where Michael works (so I might be a bit biased) but no, I usually don’t like the other guests and the music too much but the location is cool and even with the facts stated before I have partied there and had much fun quite a few times now.

As you can see, three out of seven are really crappy places on its own but the parties where great because I went there with great people at the right time in my life.

Where do you recommend I should go for a party?


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