Expensive way to Bangkok

We arrived this morning at 5.45 am in Bangkok after a 18 hours long journey. Michael got out of the bus to get our backpacks. I stayed. I had taken of my glasses to sleep and couldn’t find them. I looked through my little backpack, looked around (obviously without glasses so half blind) and then they rushed me out of the bus. As I hadn’t seen the glasses on the bus I thought they had to be in my backpack. Well they weren’t, the bus was gone and so were my glasses… Not even knowing what the bus company’s name was, I had to face the fact, that I wouldn’t see them again.

Bus stop at 1.30am

Bus stop at 1.30am

When we found a room I looked through my other stuff and realised that from my passport wallet over 70€ were gone as well! I hadn’t cleaned it out for weeks so I have no idea since when the money is missing. We could only remember two times the our passport wallet had been in an unlocked room so someone must have taken it than. Fortunately our passports, credit and bank cards are still there.

We were quite pissed off, angry about ourselves and sad at the same time for the loss but ready to face it. And karma seemed to have noticed. On the way to the river ferry after breakfast Michael found 50€ on the street.

So, apart from the glasses, things seem to be kind of in balance again. We then went to Bangkok’s Chinatown which is a huge street market shopping area. Michael got new sunglasses and souvenirs for his nieces. I got a total of 12 meters of cloth for my carneval costume for about 8€ all together!

UPDATE: Found my glasses. Some how they were deep down in Michaels small backpack.

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