Goodbye Koh Lanta

We are leaving our little home here in Koh Lanta in about an hour.

Seashell Beach Resort No. 6

Seashell Beach Resort No. 6

In the end we stayed here more than a week. It was not because it was the most beautiful place we’ve been too (I think the second place on Koh Phangan could claim the most beautiful beach trophy).

It was not the most comfortable hut we’ve had. But time just passed quickly and when we would have had a good chance to leave, e.g. for my birthday, we decided that we were too relaxed and lazy to do so.

Looking at palm trees

Looking at palm trees

Plus, our hut here was quite cheap and we had good company here. And the view from our hut was just so nice.

But today it’s goodbye Koh Lanta, hello bus and tomorrow hello Bangkok again. Time just flew. It was actually quite amazing. And soon we have to go back to freezing Germany…

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