A Bug story

I admit, I don’t like animals that much. Pets that for others are so nice, so sweet, so good companions, for me are, well, just pets. I categorize animals into no leg, two legs, four legs and more legs.

  • When it comes to no legs (from snakes to fish) I don’t mind. Of course a big snake in my bedroom would get me screaming, but well, they are most often dangerous aren’t they.
  • The two leg category (birds mostly) I don’t care and mind and four legs are ok too. You might even hear me say that a particular cat or dog is cute. But than I’m allergic to animal hair so no much love here either. I actually find the little geckos that are all around here quite fascinating but well again also only outside of our bedroom.
  • And than there are the more legs ones. I hate them. Mosquitoes are just annoying as are flies or bees. But spiders and bugs literally bug me. They are just disgusting.

Having said this, why do I mention it in my blog?

Well, so far animals (except from mosquitos which even the strongest insect repellent can’t seem to scare away completely) left me alone. Well one time in Koh Tao a dog decided that the towel I was dozing on seemed very comfy and had enough space for him too so he joined me. I got up instantly…

But tonight we had another visitor. I was about to sleep but quickly wanted to put on some Fenistil because my mosquito stitches itched a lot and Michael gave me our first aid kid. Well and there it must have hidden because suddenly a 3cm long bug, very cockroachy looking, sat in the middle of our bed. I say cockroachy locking because I had already taken out my contact lenses and didn’t really like to ask Michael if it really was a cockroach because that would have made it even more disgusting for some reason.

Well, Michael kicked it of our bed but it was still in our room. But with the mosquito net around us I felt quite safe. Too safe as it seemed. I tried to sleep until I turned my head a little to the right and my cheek touched something cool and hard… I had laid my head on the reappeared bug!  Yuck! Of course that got me screaming. Michael, playing the white knight again now kicked it out again. But unnecessary to mention, I didn’t sleep to well this night.

Looks like Rudi, just dead, maybe that one is even a bit smaller

Looks like Rudi, just dead, maybe that one is even a bit smaller

After this night I thought Michael was just joking when the next night he went to the bathroom a bit later then me, returned instantly and said: “Mh… there is a huge coakroach in the bathroom…”. But when I went to the toilet the next morning I checked, just to make sure.

And there it was, huge, sitting in the corner just next to the toilet. But nature was calling and I couldn’t just wait for the roach to leave. So I named it “Rudi” and said: “Rudi, I need to pee. You stay where you are and I don’t harm you. When I’m gone, you can leave as well.” And you wouldn’t believe it, but Rudi was a well trained roach and did what I asked him. I’m just glad that they don’t get that big in Germany!

1 thought on “A Bug story

  1. Egal, was es war – wollte ich auch nicht im Bett haben. Hier bei ns würden die Viecher derzeit gar nicht überlegen. Am Morgen waren es -15° C. Das wird eine eiskalte Umstellung für Euch werden. Eisige Grüße, aber herzlich, Gabi

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