Welcome to paradise…

We arrived on Koh Chang yesterday. Michael met a Thai man called Sam on the ferry. This guy was on a short break from work and wanted to spend some days off with his girlfriend on Koh Chang.

A look into our "apartment"

A look into our “apartment”

They offered us a ride and we easily made our way down the island to check out so called Lonely Beach. Lonely Beach was a recommendation from a Swedish guy we had met in Bangkok. So when we saw the sign “Lonely beach” we started looking for something affordable and it turned out the first place, the Siam Hut Resort, we saw was just what we wanted. So we rented a very basic beach hut.

It is just a bamboo hut with a “bathroom” made of concrete, a big bed and, very important, an mosquito net. It’s 380 Baht a night which is less than 10€ and with that very cheap. What else does one need? Especially when you wake up 100m from the beach. And the beach is just so beautiful…

Lonely beach, Koh Chang
Lonely beach, Koh Chang

So today we didn’t do much except from lying on the beach, going swimming every now and then and grinning like mad all the time. I guess, when we leave the island in a few days to travel on to Cambodia, we will be as relaxed as one can be…

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