Moving out for the night

Checking the internet

Checking the internet

We have to move for the night as our current guesthouse Roof View Place is fully booked and we are only leaving tomorrow morning at eight.

So, after having had a great breakfast (which was included in the price) with scrambled eggs and fried rice as well as pineapple and papaya and before checking into our new room, which is just around the corner here

Look onto the street

Look onto the street

we are taking advantage of the free WiFi at Roof View Place, checking mails, writing blog posts etc.

And than we’ll move on to more adventures (food, temples and meeting fellow travellers from all over the world).

1 thought on “Moving out for the night

  1. Das hört sich doch alles gut an und sieht auch so aus (besonders die kurzen Haare findet Christoph klasse :)) Hier herrscht Küchenchaos: Gute Weitereise, bis zum nächsten Eintrag

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